Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What happens in Vegas.... CAN'T stay in Vegas! I gotta' share!!!

Oh, Friends.... This week in Vegas has been incredible!   I've been soooo busy, I haven't had much time to put up many posts!   I have soooo much to share with you!  There is NO WAY I can share everything I want to tell you in one post.  Seriously... it's gonna take the rest of the summer to get out all these tid-bits without overwhelming you!!!   {I'm about bursting at the seams to share all the AWESOME "techie" stuff I learned today!  Seriously....  life changin' -- at least in terms of teaching!}  The techie-tips will have to wait a few days...but check back because I assure you it will be WELL worth the wait!

For now... I just HAVE to share some "beginning of the week" highlights from the "I Teach K" conference! First off, I should tell you that prior to coming to Vegas all of the "kinder-bloggers" were invited to attend a Teacher/Blogger Vegas "Meet-Up."  I RSVP'ed {<--Is that a word?!  Hee!} like a good little blogger via a specially designated FaceBook group... and also began chatting a bit with others that were going to attend.   A few of us were traveling alone and we decided we should do a "PRE" Meet-Up--Meet Up!    We met for dinner on Sunday night at the Grand Luxe Cafe in the Venetian Hotel.   We were quite the WORLD-WIDE blogging group!

From left to right:  Amy from Texas{}, L.C. from Germany{}, Michelle {} and Tracy {} from North Carolina, Susan {} from the United Arab Emirates, Elizabeth {Kickin' It In Kindergarten} and lil' ole me, Holly {well... if you are reading this you know my blog! lol}

These gals are the greatest!  Seriously... so very, very sweet!  Some have been blogging for a while... and others have just started, but if you have the chance... you should definitely check them out!   Such incredible hearts... and each of them are "real," very down to earth, amazing teachers who love to share ideas and resources!  And isn't that what bloggin' is all about?!

Well... as I mentioned, we did have an AWESOME 
Teacher/Blogger Meet -Up.  
SO FUN!  Seriously...I would have traveled all the way to Vegas for the meet-up alone and it would have been well worth it!  Take a peek at some of the fun!  

Do I even have to write a caption for this one???
Yes... It's the incredibly beautiful Deanna Jump.  THE legend of TPT. 
Ya just gotta love her!  So super-super sweet and caring.  
{And we both feel tall when we stand together!  Hee!}

Hangin' with my buddy, Tad Hill... 
{Author of Rocket Learns to Read and many, many more great k-kiddo books!}  Oh my gosh... He is hilarious.  All I gotta say is that you will have to check out Michelle's blog (see first picture caption in this posting) in a few days to check out some hilarious pics from our... well, let's just say group chat with Tad. I'm sure she will post them! And for goodness sake... If you don't have Rocket Learns to Read and Rocket Learns to Write, GO OUT AND GET THOSE BOOKS NOW!  The kiddos LUV them.. and they are absolutely PERFECT for introducing guided reading and writer's workshop!   Seriously... my FAV books of the year!!!  

Hunk-A-Hunk-A-Burnin' Love!!!
Here we are {Me and Amy from}...with "The King!"   
{Ok.. is it just me or does Elvis look like he might need to use the restroom... or change his pants?! Bahaha!}

Now here I am with "The Queen!"  Hee!
Seriously... Dee Dee Wills IS like the queen to me!
I absolutely, positively LOVE this lady! She makes me a better teacher!
So. Inspiring. 

The beautiful and talented Kathleen Pedersen {Growing Kinders} is the most genuinely warm, and sweet SUPER-BLOGGER you will ever meet.  I sincerely admire her so very much!  She has got to be one of my teaching "soul-mates"... as if every resource she creates and blog post she writes were written just for me.  Hee!  Hee!  I seriously love this girl! Her creativity is out of this world.  Show her an odd shaped container and BAM! She can make a new kinder-game out of it in 2 seconds flat! :)

And Finally... Check out this group of IN-CREDIBLE LADIES!!!
What a super-savvy group of teacher-bloggers!
Thank you to you ALL... You all inspire me!

RaNdOm FUN PiCs FrOm ThE NiGhT......

Alessia Albanese and Deedee Wills
You have changed my "center" life!  Lol

Group shot!

Elvis isn't the only GREAT one!  
These teacher-bloggers ROCK!

Our gracious hostesses for the night!

The sweetest trio in the world!
Rachelle and Natalie {What the Teacher Wants} & Deanna {Mrs. Jump's Class}

Even John and Amy, the "Big Wigs" from TPT were there!
Thank you for supporting teachers!

{Thank you to Rachelle and Natalie for sharing these last few meet-up pics!  Check out for more great 2013 Vegas Meet-Up pics!}

More Vegas fun and learning resources to come!  Stay tuned!!!


  1. It was so nice to meet you briefly! We needed more time!

  2. It was great to meet you Holly! Glad you made it home safely! Love the pictures!

  3. Looks like so much fun! What a great weekend for you! Thanks for sharing! Amy :)

  4. I found your blog through our sweet friend Elizabeth. I am so excited to be your newest follower! :)

    I wish I was able to attend the conference, but I am going to everything I can to get there next year!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  5. You make my heart soar :) I hope we can meet up again and seriously sit down and TALK! Loved meeting you!!