Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

I'm linkin' up with the fabulous and beautiful Cara Carroll {First Grade Parade} to bring you my favorite pins from this week!   Oh, how I love PINTEREST.   
**LuV**LuV**  It's like window shopping for the soul.  

So with no further adieu... 
Here are my TOP FIVE FAVs for the week!  

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Example of W.B.T. (Whole Brain Teaching) in action!  
I've been dabbling in WBT for the last year...but am super excited to "step it up" this year!  I have been reading the new WBT book this summer {have read it twice so far this month} and love that this movement has REALLY caught on!  I look forward to sharing ideas with other great bloggers, like DeeDee Wills on this subject!  If you don't know what I'm talking about...just watch the video.  If you like it...follow the pin!

Don't just pin...WATCH. Within 30 seconds I had a new attention grabber and learned so many more teacher tricks...LOVE THIS!!! **This lady is amazing! I just watched all her youtube videos!**

New Classroom Decor Inspiration!
Found this AWESOME Etsy seamstress this week who I LOVE, love, LoVe!!!
She is super sweet and talking with her she agreed to custom design several new items for my classroom!  I CAN NOT wait to see the new pennant window toppers, bulletin board toppers, table runners, etc!    If you like what you see...follow the pin to see many, many more patterns and designs.  And don't forget...she loves custom orders!
Classroom Decor!!  Blue and Green Fabric Pennant Banner via Etsy for SUPER PRICE!

Stylish Family Meal Planner
Take a peek at this little jobbie! <-- I know that is not a "real" word...but I do use it from time to time when I'm excited!  Did ya'll notice that it is CHEVRON?!     :)   Luv!   Luv!
But seriously people, I'm already dreading the "back to school" hectic-ness of evening meal planning.  You should know that  I am NOT a gourmet cook...but I am a fair one.  However, I always seem to get stuck in "ruts"... and when I'm running full steam, I find it more frustrating to DECIDE what to make for dinner...than actually making it.  So... every Sunday this school year, I plan to add this little "jobbie" into our weekly Sunday family meeting.  
Menu board! Could be used as a "homework board"

Strawberry Lemonade
I made this delightful beverage...and loved every drop!  YUM!

Homemade strawberry lemonade, made in the blender using lemons, strawberries and honey. looks really good and pretty easy to make!

Beautiful Jewelry!!!
Ok... I gotta be honest.  This is MY pin... and these pieces are sitting on my dresser right now!  Not only do I LOVE them... but friends, they were ULTRA INEXPENSIVE!  {I didn't pay more than $8 for any of these SETS and the quality is pretty nice!!!)   If you are a jewelry gotta take a minute to follow this pin's link!   I will share my "SECRET" supplier!   It will become your FAVORITE!!!

BEST, most stylish jewelry source ever!!!  Almost everything is less than $10!  These great SETS were less than $8 each!   Check out my BLOG!

Ok... That's it for tonight!  Can't wait to see what YOUR favorite "pins" are for this week!  
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