Monday, July 8, 2013

Thinking Ahead...

Although the new school year is still several weeks away... I'm thinking ahead as to how to make some improvements to my kindergarten schedule.   Last year I found myself... well... UNSATISFIED with how the end of each school day went.   I felt like I was missing a good, cohesive way to bring the class together, build community...yet get all of the last minute jobs done!  In previous years, our principal would come on the intercom system and share special announcements and lead the whole school in an end of the day prayer.  (Remember, I teach at a private, Lutheran school.)  Well, last year we welcomed a new principal... and some new procedures as well... so no more all-school closing.  I spent last year trying different things... honestly, most of them a bit randomly... and I just was not satisfied.  {If you know me at all... I work best within a well organized, well planned schedule.}  So, I knew I needed to come up with an effective, organized...yet simple and realistic plan for wrapping up our school day with prayer.   Well if you've spent a year in the kindergarten "trenches" yourself, you already know that just asking for "volunteers" doesn't work well.  You instantly have 23 hands in the air.... usually only about 3 of those kiddos actually have on-topic answers for you... and when you call on ONE have 22 others either pouting, or yelling, "HEY!   You NEVER call on me!"   

So, last night I whipped up this....

Basically, you can type in your kiddos' names on the edit-able name strips, print, trim and laminate for durability.  Print and tape on a "Prayer Friends" label to your favorite container.  Place the name strips inside.   Each day choose one student's name and have that student share who/what he/she would like to pray for that day.  Depending on the age of your students, the child could lead the prayer.... or you could lead the prayer based on his/her requests.  Place the name cards that have been chosen into another container, which has the label "Waiting for my next turn!" on it.  Continue calling names each day until all names have been called and moved over to the "Waiting for my next turn!" container.... then return all names to the "Prayer Friends" container and begin again!   
Just a SIMPLE little way to allow everyone a turn to share-in-prayer...
in an organized, efficient way!

Container Label Examples

" Edit-able" labels which you can type student names upon!

LOTS of fun colors and patterns to mix and match!

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