Saturday, February 23, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans!

Hello Friends!  I am SOOO excited to let you know that I have finished my latest TPT unit!  I have been working so hard it, for so long... I'm doing a "happy dance" that I have finally finished! 
You've gotta take a peek! 
It's PACKED full of fun and crazy activities, games, crafts and etc. for St. Patrick's Day. 
(You know me...I just LOVE crazy, fun!) 
It will give you everything you need to convince your kiddos that there has been a leprechaun invasion in your classroom!
(It's 50+ pages of magical mayhem!)

(Click HERE or on the above picture to check it out in more detail!)
Packet Contents:

Introduction to St. Patrick’s Day

  What is St. Patrick’s Day?  Class Book: An introduction to the holiday… and the idea of a leprechaun visit! (pages 3-10)

       ** Print out and bind or staple to make a book to share with the class  to prep the
               class for your “leprechaun” visit!

Classroom Shenanigans

       Letters from the Leprechaun (pages 11-13)

       “Search for Gold” Scavenger Hunt (pages 14-24 )

       St. Patrick’s Shenanigans & Classroom Chaos (pg. 25)

St. Patrick’s Day Science

         Hocus-Pocus Hats: Magically shrink your student-made leprechaun hats to leprechaun size! (pages 26-28 )

         Magical Mayhem: Make your classroom tap water flow green! (page 29)

         Rainbow Revelations: Color mixing exploration (page 30)


       Rainbow Windsocks (page 31)

       Sequence-by-Size Rainbows (page 32-44)

       Rainbow-N-Shamrock Necklace (page 45-46)

St. Patrick’s Snacks

       Golden Finger-Jello (page 47)

       Rainbow Fruit Kabobs (page 47)

       Rainbow Cupcakes (page 48)

       Rainbow Arch Cupcakes (page 49))

       Sherbet and Sprite Leprechaun Floats (page 49)

St. Patrick’s Day Games and Challenges

       The Golden Touch Leprechaun Challenge (page 50)

       Hide the Leprechaun Game (page 50-51)
The kids honestly had a BALL with these activities! They freaked out when the water in the faucet ran green! Here is a peek at another one of their favorite activities! 
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  1. Hi! Found you from blog hopping! Your packet looks amazing! I have it on my wishlist!

  2. Adorable, thanks so much for linking up, sharing with my daughter's K teacher -- she'll love this!

    Pink and Green Mama