Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dr. Seuss Day!

We had a GREAT day in kindergarten on Friday celebrating "Read Across America Day" in full Dr. Seuss theme!  Here are a few peeks at our fun frenzy.   (Yep!  More costumes!  Hee!)
Here I am ("The Cat in the Hat") with my two teaching side-kicks,  "Thing 1" and "Thing 2!"


Yum!   Super Seuss Snacks!
Added in some kinder-math by making a class graph entitled "Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?" when we were finished snacking! 
Thing 1 and Thing 2 entered the room (as a surprise!) and were C.R.A.Z.Y!
They were jumping, hopping, throwing balloons!   I wish I could have recorded the kiddos' faces! (Next year I'm SOOO going to whip out my FLIP cam!) For the first 10 seconds they were TERRIFIED... then they couldn't stop laughing when they "recognized" who the crazy characters were! The "Things" continued their antics throughout the afternoon, even autographing kids hands with #1 and #2 (Not sure what mom and dad will think of having #2 "tattooed" on their hands! HA! Get it?)   At the end of the day the "Things" busted out of my classroom when the bell rang and jumped and ran down the hallways and scared the parents to death! Hee! It was SO much fun!
 A peek at one of my student's Seuss-y Center Craft-ivity!

We met with our "Big Buddies" in the morning and watched "The Sneethes" video on the SmartBoard...then did some buddy-reading.  My kinder-kids LOVE their "Big Buddies!!"
Also participated in our school-wide "Munch-N-Read" in the afternoon!   (Yes, I know.  The kids probably were so full at the day's end that they passed on supper!)

 Thing #1 read aloud to the kiddos.  We did a few YouTube videos on the SmartBoard too.   The kids were awesome at comparing/contrasting "The Cat in the Hat" YouTube vs. book versions. (Gotta hit those Common Core standards whenever ya get a chance!)
Little Selby hugs me at the end of the day and whispers in my ear, "Today was the BEST day EVER!"   Sweet baby-child melts my heart!  
(Gotta admit...She says this every Friday...but seriously...can you EVER hear that statement too much?!?!    Gotta love being a kindergarten teacher!)
Hooray for Fun-Fridays!

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