Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring/Easter Themed Color-By-Code Packet

Well.... Look what a "snow day" does for ya?   As you probably know...I started the morning off by whipping up a quick Easter Bunny Themed Color-by-Number FREEBIE to celebrate my extra "day off" thanks to a little unexpected ice storm!  Well... the more I thought about it...the more I realized that I could really use a few more of those color-by-code type of activities to use this month for morning work and math enrichment times.  So I whipped up a few more!  Actually 25 in total!   Click below to take a look at my latest TPT packet which includes 5 spring/easter designs... ALL of which are "differentiated" to include the following skill pages:
1. Color by #
2. Color by #/Number Word Combo
3. Color by Number Word
4. Color by Color Word
5. Color by Sum (Addition problems to 5) <-- Common  Core "MUST" for Kinder-Kiddos!

 Below are a couple of "peeks" at two
of the 25 pages!

Wanna just try out the color-by-code worksheets? 
Check out the FREEBIE below, in my last post!


  1. Oh this looks great! What do you know, I am the first to comment...just my luck! LOL

  2. Thanks! Be sure to pick up your color-by-code FREEBIE at...