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Thanks for visiting my teaching blog!  I started this blog when I returned to the classroom full-time, after staying home for a few years being a full-time momma.  I teach at a small private, Christian school, with only one class per grade level.  After previously teaching in moderately sized public schools with multiple classes per grade level, I found myself feeling "alone."  Boy did I miss the interaction of my kindergarten colleagues!   I began following blogs of other kindergarten teachers as a way to stay connected with other like-minded teachers and share resources and ideas.   After about a year and a half of being a blog "stalker"... I decided to create my own blog.  Thus, Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections was born!   I chose the name of my blog because it was my goal to share ideas and resources with other teachers, just like me.   Yes, I do create some of those resources I share....but I also have built an incredible support network of ultra-talented teacher authors, whose work I share regularly!   I thank God for this blog and for the opportunities it has created for me.   The friendships I have formed through blogging are among my most cherished relationships in the world!  

So.. if you stumbled upon my little blog and happen to be considering creating a blog for yourself, DO IT!  You will be amazed at the blessings it will bring you!

Here are some fun facts about me!

* I started teaching in 1994, after graduating from college in 3 years.  
* I taught two half-day kindergarten sessions my first year of teaching.

* The next year, I taught kindergarten half-day and was trained to be a Reading Recovery teacher during the other half of the day.   I taught a Kindergarten/Reading Recovery split day for 2 years.
* The next three years I taught Reading Recovery half day and served as our school's Literacy Coach and Teacher Trainer.
* I returned to the regular classroom as a kindergarten teacher the next year... and found out I was pregnant with twins!   
* I made the BEST decision of my life to "stay home" with my babies, a    and for the next two years worked as a Literacy Consultant for area schools on a very part-time basis just to keep my feet wet!
* After the arrival of baby #3, we moved "back home" near our families.  I missed teaching so much, but also insisted on maintaining being a "full time momma," so I started teaching pre-k at our church preschool. I did this until my youngest was ready for kindergarten.   Then I returned to the kindergarten classroom full-time too!

Teaching Career Highlights:

* I have won over 10 teaching grants to fund special projects in my classroom!

* I won a $25,000 grant from Pepsi in 2012 to start a new and innovative program in my classroom that focuses on differentiated instruction!

* In 2013 I was chosen as the Lutheran Teacher of the Year! 

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