Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!


Hello teacher friends! Happy New Year to you! 
Tis' the season to think about goals and resolutions...
and one that always comes to mind is FITNESS.
I tend to be a "go-go" personality and have a hard time sitting still so I get a lot of random (usually kinder-related) "exercise."  One of my personal goals this year (Ok... Let's be honest... EVERY YEAR) is to commit to an actual exercise/workout program. 
However... This year I'm even more committed to improve my classroom "Kinder-Fitness" program.  As most of you know, I teach at a small private school... therefore I have the privilege of serving as my own "gym" teacher.  I gotta be honest... gym class is NOT "my thing."  I do an O.K. job of keeping my kinders actively engaged in fun, physical activities every week but I'm ALWAYS looking for more engaging resources for my kiddos.
Two of my VERY FAV teacher bloggers, Dee Wills and Kathleen Pedersen,
have passed on a great resource for me... AND YOU... to check out! 
(Be sure to check out their blogs by clicking on their names above. 
These gals seriously ROCK!  They make me a better teacher with every post they share!)
Take a moment to check out
I'm positive you will LOVE it as much as I did!
Did I mention you can use it for FREE?  Yippee! 
It's a great "indoor" recess option, in addition to being a good P.E. resource!