Monday, July 31, 2017

Go Back-To-School...SUPER HERO Style!


Like most primary teachers, I like to begin my year with an “All About Me” type of unit so I can get to know the kiddos better…and they can get to know me, too!

In past years, we have done the usual back-to-school read-alouds and had some great “what do you like” discussions. 

I’ve done various “All About Me” booklets and drawn lots of “things I like” pictures.  

But folks, after spending the summer "touring" with the "Get Your Teach On" team, and being surrounded by educators who are passionate about student engagement... I went back and re-read one of my favorite resources from Hope King...

 her Set the Stage 2 Engage ebook…

And it reminded me why it's so important to start your school year with a..

So... GONE are the days of
“get to know me” mediocrity!


This creation is all about using that creative hook to teach students that learning can be fun, that we are all special and WILL be successful, and of course, that we  are “family” who appreciate our differences and encourage each other!  
{A few of my main priorities during the first few weeks of school!}

It’s an “All About Me” unit with a punch!

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to start off the year, check it out!

120+ pages of engaging get-to-know-ya’ goodness!
Here is a sneak peek of just some of the things included...

 This unit is an “all about me” unit with a punch!

This unit focuses on helping students identify their strengths and encourages them to always do their personal best!  Resources included in this packet will allow you to “flip” your classroom into “Superhero Central” and set the stage for maximum student engagement as your students learn about what “super-powers” they each possess!
Suggested Instructional Sequence:   
(However, you can also just pick-n-choose activities as you wish!)
1.      “Everyone’s a Superhero” Book & Discussion (pages 2-16)
2.      Student “I’m a Super Kid” Books (pages 17-40)
3.      Mini-Superhero Craftivity & Bulletin Board Display (pages 41-46)
4.      Superhero Show-N-Tell (pages 47-51)
5.      Super Symbol Creation  (pages 52-54)
6.      Making Superhero Capes (pages 55-56)
7.      Superhero Celebration Day! (page 57)
1.     “Flip” your classroom into “Superhero Central” (pages 58-70)
2.     Superhero BINGO – Choose your option: Matching pics/visual discrimination focus or “Create Your Own” version) {Editable file so you can customize for your students!}  (pages 71-91)
3.     Superhero Roll-N-Cover Game (addition focus) 3 Levels of play (pages 92-98)
4.      Superhero Writing (pages 99-101)
5.      Super Kids Class Book  (pages 102-108)
6.      Flying Superhero Craftivity (pages 109-113)
7.      Superhero Science:  The “X-ray Vision” Game (pages 114-117)
8.      “You’re a Super Kid” Certificates (pages 118-121)

(Each of the above activities is explained in detail on its own 
activity description page!)

 (Take a peek at how I flipped my room for this unit last year!  The kids went wild!)
 (Note: I teach at a private Christian school, however, the packet activities are not religiously based.)

(Super hero cape design and directions are included in this packet!)

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