Sunday, September 15, 2013

Classroom Bloggin'!

Oh my blueberries!!!  Where does time go?  I can NOT believe how long it's been since I've posted.  I do apologize...but I know that at the same time, many of you can relate!  I used to beat myself up when I skipped a week (or two!) between new posts...but now I have come to accept that sometimes life "happens" and you just can't be Wonder Woman every day, in every way!  So I'm settling for the occasional superhero status.  LOL. 

Even though I have been less-than-prompt on keeping up with my teacher-blog... I have done fairly well on my newest blogging adventure of having a CLASS BLOG.   For the past few years I have wanted to set up a classroom blog for students and parents.  I envisioned a place where parents could SECURELY log-in, with no fear of being at the mercy of public "creepers," to view what their kinder-babies are up to every week.   Until this year, I struggled with finding the right blog host.  I like the Shutterfly class blog set up...but my principal was NOT a fan of the regular advertisements and emails that parents were sent if you had a class blog with them.  So I continued to search.    This summer I found KID BLOG... and have been VERY pleased with it! 

Kid Blog allows YOU to choose your own security options.  You can leave it wide open to any visitor...or lock it up like Fort Knox, so only listed users with passwords can enter and view it.  My administration lovingly approved it!  YAY! It's also very easy to use.  Oh...and it's FREE!  You can post text, pictures, videos, anything!  The only slight downside I see is that currently you can not design your own background and graphic templates.  However, that is something they are working on!  It should be available soon.  Until can choose from about 15 templates/color combinations.  

I could go on and on listing the details of Kid Blog, but if you like me you'd rather just SEE it and explore it yourself.   So...I'm going to give you my own classroom blog site info and let you login and do some snooping!   (Note: My school is one of those schools who likes to keep things rather secure and "unsearchable" to the public as a whole, so I have set up my blog to require you to log-in and enter a password.  Sharing this resource with other colleagues IS permitted, however!  So go explore...just please do not post these access codes on other public sites.)


Log-in: Guest (found in the drop down log-in menu)

Password:   Guest

(This login and password will expire November 1, 2013.  If you desire access after that date, email me or post a comment and I will send you updated info.)

Here are a few screen shots from my class blog, just to give you a peek!