Friday, October 19, 2012

Great October Resource!

Looking for some GREAT October resources for your classroom?   Well, I have a GREAT one for you!   The GOOOOOOD kind.... the "print and little prep" kind!  Take a look at one of my FAVs for this month!

Simply click on the pics to check it out!   

Here are the Common Core Standards that are addressed during this 4 week poetry set: 

Here is how it works.  Each week there is a new poem with new activities to do each day. Once you have finished with the poem, it can go right into your literacy stations (pocket chart and/or poetry).

Thank you Dee-Dee, my wonderfully talented kindergarten colleague, for sharing your creativity and hard-work with the rest of us "Kinder-Teachers!"     You are a blessing!

New Perspectives... New Posts!

Hello Friends!   Have you ever had good intentions to start something new?  You know... you envision it as this great idea that you WANT to do so badly that you "sugar-coat" it in your mind so that it seems like this easily, do-able and exciting addition to your schedule.   BUT..... THEN.... "LIFE HAPPENS" and you realize.... WOW!  This is NOT working.   Hee!   I have to just giggle at myself!  Ok, I'll admit... I'm a dreamer!  I am SO the type of person who wakes up in the middle of the night saying "Hey!  I've got this awesome new idea! I gotta try this.... TOMORROW!"  Yes... I'm a "plate-filler".... and I tend to pile my own "plate" (schedule) chock-full 24/7.  It's a blessing....and a curse! Ugh!  

SO... to get to the point... (Yes!  I actually have one!)... When I began my BLOG this summer I had envisioned these wonderful and lively DAILY posts filled with treasures of information to share.   Then when school started, I realized.... I just can't keep up with it.  So... I do what all good "perfectionists" do... I re-pressed it!  Hee!   Ok... so now, as you know, it's October and I've made peace with the fact that my initial dream/plan of daily, frothingly-rich posts is NOT happenin'!  I've now set a more realistic goal of posting weekly, or simply as often as I successfully can.  So I'm hitting the "re-start" button....and movin' ahead!   Woot!  Woot!