Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back 2 School Bash GRAND PRIZE!

The Back to School Bash 2016 has been so much fun! Thank you to everyone who has joined us this year.'s not over yet! We have one final chance for you to win! When we say win, we mean WIN BIG! Anyone needing some updated technology for your classroom?

I give you the B2S Bash Grand Prize...

Yes! This is real life!
Yes! This could be in your classroom very soon! 

But you have to enter first! Here's how you do it: 

1) Begin the insta hop by locating @stepintosecondgrade on instagram. You will want to begin with Amy so that you collect the letter tiles in order. Each blogger will link to another letter. Click on the letter and hop to the next location. As you hop...

a) follow each blogger 
b)  collect each letter

The letter tiles look like this....

2. The letters will reveal a question. (Don't worry...the letters go in order so you don't have to unscramble a thing!) 

3. Once you have figured out the question, hop on over to any of our blogs to enter the Rafflecopter to win! You will be asked to answer the instaHOP question! 

You only have 24 hours to enter, so go get your hop on! ;) 

 Yep! That simple!
So have you finished your hop? 

Enter below: 


  1. My child returns from Phoenix kindergarten singing melodies, is simpler to control at home, (i.e. cleans up his toys without complain, etc.) and is continually asking when he might go back to the class.

  2. Love this Back To School Party! It is a tremendous way to welcome kids in the classes. I use various fun ideas form and they have just added online practice tests too on their website. Dying to try these tests on my 7th standard students