Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Celebrate Student Birthdays In Style!

Since I STILL can NOT get into my classroom yet, I decided to check off another item on my long, long list of "to-dos."  {In case you have not heard, my building is under-going a summer renovation.  While I am so grateful for the upgrades...I am freaking out that I still am unable to even set foot in my classroom!   The "word on the street" is that I may be able to get in to my room on the 12th.  Guess what day my kinder-kiddos arrive for their k-assessments?   August 13th!!  That's 24 hours to prepare folks!  Can you say "All-Nighter?"  I'm thinkin' I gotta do a 24 hour picture post on what happens that night! You can watch me go CrAzY get prepared in a photo timeline! PRAY FOR ME, People!}

Tonight I knocked out a new classroom birthday celebration kit.  I gotta say... I do love it.  It's full of what I love most... happy celebration and chevron!   :) Here is a peek at what is inside:

I'm really excited about this kit because I truly feel like it is something that EVERY teacher needs....but rarely finds time to do his or herself!  

So... if you are looking for a super easy, yet very classy way to celebrate your students' birthdays, I hope I can help you with this kit.   I gotta say... I not only think it's cute {Chevron Love!  Chevron Love!}, but it truly is meaningful.  The "Happy Birthday Book" is the core of this kit.   When celebrating a student's birthday, all of his classmates are invited to complete a "My wish for you..." page.   Classmates illustrate a picture and can either write in the text for their birthday wish/gift...or the teacher can write the text as the child dictates the wish from his/her illustration.   All classmates' pages are then compiled into a class book, complete with a beautiful cover (which can be customized thanks to it's edit-able nature!), and then sent home with the birthday child as his class gift!  

Check out just one of the style options of "Birthday Books" below!

Parents TREASURE these books!  I've used them for a few years and let me tell you...they are a HIT!

There are many other items included with which you can complete your students' birthday celebrations, including:

* Student Birthday Book
* Happy Birthday Certificates
* Student Birthday Badges
* Birthday Goodie Bag Toppers
* Student Desk/Table Birthday Decor
* Happy Birthday Seat Signs

I hope you will take a minute to pop over to my TPT store {click here} and check out my lastest kit!  
I think it will be worth your while!  

Email me if you have any suggestions for this packet!   


  1. This is so cute Holly! I am so sorry that you have 24 hours to get room ready. I wish I was there to help you. :)

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