Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today's Top Find: Center in a Minute!

It's that time of year...

Instagram is blowing up.   Facebook posts are exploding... 
and my Twitter feed keeps on chirping!



And if you are anything like me, you are trying your best to make every waking moment count!

You want to "PRE-prepare" (Ooh!  I like that newly created word!) as many things for the upcoming school year as humanly possible.

Well, my friends... Today I found a gem of a resource that I can prepare in just a short amount of time that is going to help me out IMMENSELY this school year.  

Let me set the stage... 

Your plan is to get into work a little early to prep a small group activity for a few of your kinder-groups.  Well...you intentionally hit snooze a few too many times accidentally oversleep, make it into school a little late...then get side-tracked my the staff "talker"...  AND your principal informs you that you have a last minute mandatory meeting during your prep time... leaving you with no prepared small group game/activity for the day.


Well, folks.. Here is your answer to that dilemma!  

These little sets are the PERFECT resource to buy now and PRE-prep for the year!  Anytime you have "one of those" days... WA-LA!  You pull out one of these babies... and your are ready to go!



Each center is based off of a Kindergarten Reading Foundational standard and allows students to work on phonological awareness, phonics, or a combination of the two.  There are two options for playing - Memory and Go Fish - using the same set of cards.  Both are easy to understand and require little teacher direction. 

Furthermore, these sets include multiple half-sheet "exit slips" so that you can use these centers during RTI or Literacy Centers! {If you're not familiar with exit slips, they are a quick assessment that you can do at the end of a lesson/activity to assess student performance on a particular skill.}

Check out this example...

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

{Insert HAPPY DANCE here!}

Goodbye unprepared/unprepped days!

Hello unexpected principal drop-in observation!

I'm going to be so PRE-prepared for the year!!!

And OOOHHH!!! 
I almost forgot one of the BEST parts about my "Find of the Day!"

It's on SALE!!!  
It IS Christmas in July, you know!
{Do it quick! It's only on sale for 2 more days! There is a bundle too!}

And no...this is not a creation of mine, friend!  You'll need to hop on over to The Inspired Apple to read more about this awesome resource! (Or simply click on the product images above to go directly to the TPT links.)

EEKS!  Don't you just love a good find and a good deal?!  #reasonilovefollowingblogs 

Keep hoppin' over to BLOG HOPPIN'  too to find more incredible daily Christmas in July sales by clicking below!

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