Monday, July 21, 2014

Teachers Be Shoppin'... and another SALE item!

I'm linkin' up with my bloggin' bestie, Elizabeth, from Kickin' It In Kindergarten for an awesome linky party I know YOU can relate to!

Check it out...

Oh yah... You know it's true.  If you are a teacher, you have been spending time (perhaps LOTS of time) shopping for your classroom.  

It's just unavoidable!  

So my smart, smart friend Elizabeth had the brilliant idea of doing a linky party so we can all post the great deals and epic resources we are finding, in hopes of making all of our lives easier!   If we share our steals and deals, then we can all save money, be more efficient and of course, have incredibly cute classrooms filled with ingenious materials!

So here is one of my recent purchases...straight from!

It's a student "Write the Room" apron!  


I don't know about you, but I have spent a few years watching my "littles" walk around the classroom when at my "Write the Room" center, balancing clipboards, pencils and papers in their tiny hands.   It is a meaningful, standards-based activity...but the logistics of balancing all the materials needed was kind of a hot mess for a 5 year old.

So... I when I found these online... I.FELL.IN.LOVE.

I actually bought my first Write-the-Room aprons this spring...but come on!  I have to have some cute chevron ones too!!! #styleaddiction

So, I can seriously attest to how perfectly they work in the classroom and how much the kiddos love using them.   

I actually call them "tool belts" in my classroom, so the boys feel like they are manly in them too!  {I was sure to order some boy-friendly material/patterns too! Just sayin' sometimes boys and "aprons" don't mix.  But a "toolbelt"... oh yah!}

Check out a few more of the material options they offer...

If you think you may like to have a few of these babies for your classroom, check out I LOVE TEACHING on!

Just click HERE to visit her store!

Or heck! If you are handy with a sewing machine and  you can find the time....make some of your own!   


Speaking of "Write the Room" centers,
I'm putting one of my favorite "Write the Room" TPT products on sale!  
It is Christmas in July, you know!

Grab it by clicking on the image above! 

Dont' forget to head on over to BLOG HOPPIN' to see what all of my other blogging buddies have on sale today too! 


  1. Holly, my mom is going to be so excited to see this post!! Your custom student aprons were one of the most favorite ones she made. Thank you for taking the time to share them :) Very sweet of you!

  2. Love the apron idea. I had one made for me personally when I teach. I was sick of walking around with pens/markers/etc in my pockets. ;)

  3. Love the aprons! Such a good idea! Totally going to check this out!

  4. So fun! Those aprons are SO cute. I also love that you have them filled with Scentos #wemightbeaddicted. Miss you! xo

  5. Love those tool belts! Can't wait to see what goodies you link up with next week. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    Miss Woodward's Class