Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hop on Over...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

Are you watching the days of summer disappear like I am?  

It’s a love-hate relationship.

I hate to think about my “full-time” with my own kiddos ending…

But I am always excited to begin a new school year! And this 

year… I feel a little more excitement than usual!  You see, every 

summer I strive to set a few new professional goals for

myself.  Thanks to the inspiration of the amazingly talented 

teacher, Hope King, and her “Set the Stage to Engage” SDE 

session at the SDE conference this summer…along with the 

most moving and inspiring book I’ve read in years, 

I’m so excited about one of my goals for this year that I want 

school to start TODAY!

Wanna’ know what it is??

Well… You will have to hop on over to the BLOG HOPPIN’  site

to find out!  I’ve recently been asked to join that AMAZING group 

of educators as an author on the collaborative blog. 

And I’m one of today’s featured authors!

{Pinch me!  Is it real?!} #soexcited

The only hint I’ll give ya  is that It’s all about improving…

Student Engagement


There’s a FREEBIE waiting for you!

So go on…Get HOPPIN’!

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