Thursday, April 3, 2014

TBT (Throw Back Thursday) with a FREEBIE!

Well.. I thought I'd "hop" on board with Primary Possibilities, who hosts a "Throw Back Thursday" post linky every first Thursday of the month, 
to share a little spring resource with ya'll.   

So here is my "throwback" post from last year.... 
Thankfully, I'm NOT having an ice-storm this year!!  LOL
2013 "Throw Back" Post

Well.... Look what a "snow day" does for ya?   As you probably know...I started the morning off by whipping up a quick Easter Bunny Themed Color-by-Number FREEBIE to celebrate my extra "day off" thanks to a little unexpected ice storm!  Well... the more I thought about it...the more I realized that I could really use a few more of those color-by-code type of activities to use this month for morning work and math enrichment times.  So I whipped up a few more!  Actually 25 in total!   Click below to take a look at my latest TPT packet which includes 5 spring/easter designs... ALL of which are "differentiated" to include the following skill pages:
1. Color by #
2. Color by #/Number Word Combo
3. Color by Number Word
4. Color by Color Word
5. Color by Sum (Addition problems to 5) <-- Common  Core "MUST" for Kinder-Kiddos!

Below are a couple of "peeks" at two 
of the 25 pages!

Wanna just try out the color-by-code worksheets? 


Thanks for "hopping" back in time with me!  I can't wait to go and read all of the TBT posts that are being shared today!  

Sounds fun, right??  Well, join the "TBT" linky!  

Head over to Primary Possibilities by clicking HERE... 

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  1. Thanks for posting...your "Throw Back"! It is nice to be refreshed with great ideas!!! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  2. Thank you for linking up. I enjoy springtime so much. These resources look fabulous. Stephanie