Monday, April 21, 2014

From the mouth of babes...

Easter is such a special time of year at our school (and in my heart).   I just love being able to share the Gospel message with my students... and BE.STILL.MY.HEART.   Just look at how they respond....

(Don't you love this pic?  The little dude is having fun collecting eggs...but "thinking" about what Jesus did for him!)  

Jesus had his "last dinner"... LOVE that one!

LOVE to see these little ones fall in love with Jesus!  
{Their independent writing skills are pretty good too!}
(The "teacher assisted" edits are in black marker.)

*   *   *   *
And that's not all... Just take a look at this writing piece that one of my "kinders" did the day after we returned from Spring Break.  {Talk about about a "text to self" connection, in terms of taking Bible lessons to heart!!}  This is what my sweet kinder-baby wrote after visiting her grandmother who has cancer.

Thank you God for what you did for ALL of us on Good Friday and Easter, so that we can have eternal life... 
and look forward our own Heavenly reunions!

That's it.  Just a little Easter Joy to share with ya' today!

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