Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Little Crayola Creativity!

By now, most of  you know that I organized a Spring Teacher Blogger Meet-Up a few weeks ago.  In preparation for the big event, I contacted many educational companies and asked them if they would be interested in "sponsoring" our meet-up event by donating products for us to use during the event and/or give away prizes to the attendees.  Crayola was one of those companies... and let me tell ya' folks, they were TOTALLY committed to supporting our event!  Although my communication with the company began via email... it quickly grew to a very personalized contact and series of phone calls with one of the top Crayola Education Marketing Managers in the company.  {So. Impressed.}  The folks at Crayola were sincerely interested in what we were up to!  Teachers meeting on their own time... on their own dimes... to share ideas, resources and inspiration in order to better reach our youth?!   No professional development "credits" earned?  No administrators forcing us to attend?!   {Signal entry of breath of fresh air here. Ahhh!}  Well, when Crayola heard that...they were ALL IN!

Crayola sent us some A.MAZ.ING. products to test out and give-away!  Let's just say we had some VERY happy teachers at the meet-up!   Check out just a few of the awesome products Crayola sent our way...

 Have ya'll tried their NEW dry erase crayons?!  EPIC! You've GOT TO try them!  
So perfect for early elementary kiddos!

And that's not all, people!  I mean, face it, we all LOVE Crayola.  I bet your classroom is jam packed with Crayola products, just like mine.   We ARE teachers after all.   It's like a un-spoken "law" that when you put "crayons" on your student supply list every summer that you mean CRAYOLA crayons!  {None of those waxy knock-offs, please! UGH!  You know what I'm talkin' about!!! Seriously people, I literally toss those nasty knock-offs in the trash so I don't even have to deal with them! #Godblessbacktoschoolsales} 

Okay. Okay. So it's well established that CrayolROCKS.  They are CLASSIC and QUALITY, all wrapped into one!  :)  But did you know what NEW products and services they offer???

Allow me to share with you, my friends.  

First of all, three of my FAV new products from Crayola are their Dry-Erase Crayons, Erasable Colored Pencils and their Ultra-Clean Washable Markers. {I could write full post on these new products alone... and I think I WILL!!!... but I will save that for another day!}  For now, just check out the facts on these new products by clicking HERE.

Did you all know how many spectacular FREE resources Crayoloffers educators???  {Did someone happen to leak the info about how much we get paid to them?!  LOL They might feel sorry for us, but hey... we'll take free resources however we can get them, right?!}

Did you know if you visit www.Crayola.com/Educators you can download:

* 1,200+ art-integrated, cross-curricular lesson plans that are aligned with the Common Core Standards (The lessons are searchable by grade level, subject, and more!)

* Professional development workshops (with videos!!!) on how Art Builds 21st Century Skills

* "Champion Creatively Alive Children" Grant Information & Applications {Crayola will give your $3500 for your innovative creative leadership program ideas!  Get ya' some!}

* Art and Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration Video Series

* Creative Leadership Video Series

* Copies of the Principal magazine supplements focused on Creativity

* Art technique ideas - showcasing teachers' favorite ways to use art supplies

* ColorCycle Eco-Cool Recycling Program Information {AWESOME "Earth Day" project for your school!  Another post coming soon on this program!}

I betcha' you are thinking it's too good to be true!  Well... just take the imaginary pinch I'm sendin' ya with courage... 'cause it's all TrUe!  Just click on any of the links above for more details!

OH!  And I almost forgot to remind you to register today to receive free monthly e-newsletters which are stuffed with timely updates and lesson plan ideas!

Go to www.crayola.com/heart

**Bonus:  Register by December 31, 2014 to receive a complimentary goodie-gift!  :)

So GO!  GO right now and download yourself some awesome goodies!   You've GOTTA check out their lesson plan section!  SOOOO many great ideas!

Whew!  That was a LONG one!  Well, thanks for hangin' in there through the whole post!   Follow my blog for more, upcoming CRAYOLA-RIFFIC ideas!  Let's just say that very soon you will have a chance to win some of the same awesome goodies we handed out at the Spring Teacher Blogger Event!  SHHHH... It's a secret!  {Check back this weekend for a super BIG and exciting give-away event!}

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