Monday, April 28, 2014

CTP Product Leak!

I don't call my blog Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten "Connections" for nothin' folks!   One of my main goals in creating this blog was to share top-notch resources with other kinder-teachers around the world... and this post hits the bulls-eye for that purpose!

Over the past several years, I have become a loyal fan and customer of CTP (Creative Teaching Press).  Their products are so in-line with current educational trends... and are also trend-y, in terms of style and visual appeal!  Sincerely, I just LOVE CTP products!   I feel very fortunate to have developed a personal relationship with this company.  They are a company truly devoted to supporting educators. They GENEROUSLY sponsored my Spring Teacher Blogger Meet-Up and so graciously have donated to other educational projects of mine! Plain and simply, CTP ROCKS... and I am proud to be a "CTP Exclusive Blogger" who has the opportunity to get "sneak peeks" at their new products before they are released to the public.  And guess what???   Their new product line is about to launch... and I've been given some "insider information" on some of CTP's new Back to School products!   Here is a sneak peek at a couple of my FAV new products that are being released...

Aren't these adorable??  



I know exactly where I'm posting this common core G.N.O.M.e board set in my classroom next year!
Isn't this the bomb?!  I plan on using it to help keep ME on track of "reaching and teaching" all of the math standards that my kinder-kiddos are required to master!  The kids will just love it too!  What a great visual representation of our math goals for the year!  

Seriously, this product is like the "come to life" creation of something I've been intending to create for myself all year.  And now.... WA-LA!  Here it is!  
{CTP just read my mind, ya'll.}

And let's get real... with as many responsibilities as we have as teachers, you know as well as I do that it's hard to get to all the things we want to create.  Yeah... I mean....
for me to find time to create my own Common Core visual math goal board...

Ain't "GNOME-body" got time for that!   
{LOL!  I know you love my pun!}

And that's not all, peeps!   Check out this coordinating teacher guide....

This is the "Math GNOMe and Common Core 4 Kindergarten Teacher Guide Book! 

{These teacher guides will be available for grades K-5 and are 80 pages each.  
They will sell for just $12.99!}  

The guides all include:
A Comprehensive Guide to Creating & Managing Your Common Core Classroom
The GNOMe component focuses on the expectations outlined in the Common Core Standards.
The Common Core 4 component refers to the four categories of independent practice
activities students participate in on a consistent basis during the math block.
• Sample lessons for Math GNOMe and Common Core 4 instruction
• A list of the Common Core Standards worded in
student-friendly language
• A complete list of the Common Core Standards
• I Can...statements reference charts for each of the four
math domains
• Information on conferencing and student assessment
• Tips for organizing materials, setting up your classroom,
and creating a Math GNOMe bulletin board
• Customizable parent letters
• And more!

So hang tight, people!  In just weeks, you too can snatch yourself up one of these G.N.O.M.e Math Resources!  They will be available for grades K-5.

Oh... and stay tuned.   There are more CTP product "leaks" to come!

Wanna see more??   
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