Saturday, January 12, 2013

Subtraction Smiles!

If you are like me, you know February is just around the corner... and you may be thinking ahead about fun-filled February learning themes.   Almost every "kinder-teacher" I know does a unit on dental health!   Yep!  It's the time of year to call your dentist and invite him/her into your classroom.  
Well, this year... add a little more "TOOTH-A-RIFFIC" fun to your classroom with this new activity I just finished!  Check it out!   I hope you LOVE it!
This adorable, dental-themed resource will provide your students with fun-filled formats to practice their subtraction facts from ten!

This packet includes “color-me-cards” on which students shade in the number of teeth that need to be subtracted from the smile. (Dry-erase markers work perfect, when laminated!) Students then count how many white teeth are remaining to solve the matching subtraction sentence. Answers can be written on the laminated cards so they can be wiped off and re-used!  Also included are corresponding super-cute worksheets on which students can record their answers for accountability. This makes a GREAT math station resource!  (All materials are provided in both full color and black–and-white for your printing preferences!)
Click on any of the images above to check out "Subtraction Smiles!"
Be sure and let me know what you think!  And be HONEST!
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  1. His is adorable! I will be using this with my first graders who need subtraction review for sure!