Sunday, January 13, 2013

Busy with Bulletin Boards!

I spent some time this week working on getting up some new bulletin boards.  Thought I'd share them with you!  The first one is my favorite! 
"Kindergarten is SNOW Much Fun!" 
Here are a few close ups so you can see it better!
That's me at the top of the hill!
This is my "partner in crime" and co-teacher
Mrs. Kidd!  She's the best!
Making this bulletin board was as fun as it looks!   I simply brought in two sleds from home and we had the kiddos, dressed in full winter weather attire, sit on the sleds and pose with crazy faces, etc.    We did this all INSIDE!   We propped the back of the sleds up on a box sometimes to encourage the kids to lean like they were really sledding.   They had a ball "pretending!  Then, I simply sent the pictures to be developed and I cut out the body shapes to get rid of the classroom background. 
Super Fun! 
You could even do this if you live in a warm climate with no snow! 
It might even be better there!
This is the "other" bulletin board I just posted.   This board is a "whole school" bulletin board.   Each teacher is assigned a month to decorate the board.   The idea is to do something that includes or appeals to every class in the school.   My school is K-8th grade.   As you might guess from the board, we are are a Christian school.   (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that aspect of my job!)
I don't LOVE how the overall board turned out...but it's OK. (I honest...the title display is lacking...and small-ish, but I was too tired to re-do it!) I DID like some of the specific elements of the board, so I thought I'd share!   I think you'll really like the snowflake creation idea.  Take a look at the close-up!
Awesome, huh?  I made a personalized snowflake for each class.  
And let me tell ya.... It's EASY-PEASY!
Simply go to and hit the "CREATE" tab.   You can choose from dozens of shapes, colors, etc.  You simply enter the words you want to fill in the shape cloud...and WAH-LA! 
And... it's FREE!!!  Woo-Hoo!
Imagine the possibilities!
Here is a close up of the snowman. 
I just cut out some basic shapes from construction paper, outlined them (in a pattern) with a Sharpie... and it looks ok.
Anyone else out there have a good bulletin board idea to share with us?? 
Send me a comment and/or a pic...and we'll all share! 
Love those "Kindergarten Connections!"
Oh!  If you like any of these ideas,  "Pin Me!" on Pinterest! 
It's a great way to grow our blogs!


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  2. Hi Holly! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am your newest follower too! We newbies have to stick together!! :) So excited to get to know you!

  3. Cute, Cute, Cute, Bulletin Board! I may have to try that. I wonder if I can make it work with cowboy stuff. We do whole town, it's a big deal. Cowboy Poetry at the end of the month.

    Terri Izatt

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  4. Holly, Thanks for checking out my blog :) I'm excited about following you as well. Your bulletin board is SUPER cute - I bet the kiddos just love it! How fun!!