Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Penguin Postings!

Well... I grabbed my camera from school so I can show you a few of my other penguin activities!  
I began the afternoon with a "schema" chart.   I made a chart on a large piece of chart paper.  (Yep!  I forgot to take a picture of I re-created it with a drawing below.)
1. We charted what we already knew.... "Schema."   We discussed how it's fun to use fancy-grown up words sometimes since we are SO smart!   We wrote our schema ideas on post-it notes.  (You will see why in a moment!)
2. We read a non-fiction, fact filled penguin book.
3. We watched the penguin video from by post below.  (It's a GREAT one!)
4.  We charted "NEW LEARNING" and moved any post-it notes with incorrect facts to the "OOPS!" or "Misconception" area.
5.  We made these SUPER-CUTE and EASY-PEASY penguins in a step by step format.  Gotta love how they all have their own "personalities!"  (We ONLY made the penguins themselves on Friday.   On Tuesday during Writer's Workshop we will re-read our schema-chart and write our own non-fiction stories.   This picture is from last year so you can see the finished project!)  This writing idea came from the wonderfully talented Deanna Jump originally!  I changed it a bit...but if you are looking for additional penguin activities, check out her TPT store!


6. After our penguin art activity, we had a penguin snack!  Yum!   We made OCEAN ICEBERG FLOATS (blue Hawaiian Punch with scoops of vanilla ice cream) and Goldfish crackers.   Did I mention that we put the Goldfish crackers on a napkin and the kiddos had to eat them like penguins....with no hands or fingers!   Take a peek!

7. We ended the afternoon with a Penguin Egg Relay Race!   We plopped a penguin egg on our feet and did a relay race in the gym.  The kiddos had to pass the egg to their teammates. It didn't take long for the kiddos to realize what a tough job it is to be a penguin parent!
That was it for our "Fun Friday!"    Do you do a penguin unit??   If so, please leave a comment and share what YOU do!  Sharing ideas is the BEST!!!


  1. I love Gail Gibbons books. We use them whenever possible when learning about animals. Your penguin reports look awesome.
    First Grade Carousel

  2. Erin... We watched the "Birth and March of Emperor Penguins" by FantasticAnimal on YouTube!