Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrating Presidents' Day!

Hello friends!  Hope you all had a GREAT Valentine’s Day!!!   I’m off with my family enjoying a little getaway
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but I thought I’d post a “throwback” post about what I do on Presidents’ Day!  Enjoy!

Celebrating Presidents' Day!

If you haven't figured it out certainly will come to the realization after this post that sometimes things can get a bit crazy in our kinder-classroom!  Today's "Fun-Friday" theme was Presidents' what better way to "celebrate" (a.k.a. secretly TEACH) than to invite George Washington and Abe Lincoln themselves into the classroom!

(My educational "partner in crime," Mrs. Kidd, and I LOVE to dress up in character costumes to bring learning to life! Look at Abe's serious face!)  
 Presidents' Day
We began our "Fun Friday" afternoon activities by having our awesome Friday "Mom" volunteer read Celebrating Presidents' Day by Anne Rockwell.  After the reading, the students were suprised by a knock at the door....
And the entrance of George and Abe themselves!  After a bit of small talk, George and Abe broke into an awesome Presidents' Day rap song and dance! (Shout out to HarryKindergarten on YouTube for the great President's Day song and video!) 

Click below to see us in action!  It's good for a few laughs at the very least!!!
NOTE:  This was a video we recorded the FIRST year we did this!  UGH!  We have improved a bit in our rapping and choreography since then! 
It's a little RoUgH! LOL

HERE is a link to the music video WITHOUT me in it!  LOL
Next, George shared some facts about his life...his accomplishments, jobs, life stories (yes.. I included the "cherry tree incident")...and even threw in a "plug" for dental health month by sharing the secret fact that he didn't take care of his teeth as a child and how he ended up with hippopotamus false teeth!  (The kiddos will NEVER "forget" to brush their teeth again! Ha!)  George was sure to point out SEVERAL reasons why many people refer to him as the "greatest president ever!"

Next came Abe, serious and stoic... sharing facts of his life and the things he did as our president.   (I think the kids actually understood the Emancipation Proclamation by the time "he" was done!?) Abe argued why HE is often seen as the "greatest president ever!"
Finally... after a classroom debate, it was decided that BOTH George AND Abe were great presidents!
Next came George and Abe art! 

(I just created some basic shape templates for this project. Most pieces were pre-cut.  The project was a nice, basic follow-the-directions step-by-stepper!  If you would like the shape templates, post a comment and I will send them to you!)
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Followed by a reading of Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire! by Diana DeGroat . 
We concluded the day with a "gift" from Abe ... a Presidents' Day book to add to students' familiar reading book boxes.  (Abe had shared his deep LOVE of reading with the kiddos earlier and that one of the "greatest gifts" one could receive is a book!)
Presidents' Day: An Emergent Reader About Washington and Lincoln    Presidents' Day: An Emergent Reader About Washington and Lincoln
(Click on the pics above to go to Lil' Country Kindergarten's TPT store and find the book!)
How do you celebrate Presidents' Day? 
Share with us!


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