Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lookin' for a way to improve your Writer's Workshop! I've found it! I've found it!

As “Kinder-Teachers” we’ve all been there, right?? Working on our lesson plans for our Writer’s Workshop, as we find ourselves a bit troubled.  We’re planning a whole group lesson on the next “common core” related writing skill when we get that little heavy feeling in our “gut.”  You know…the feeling that sends messages to your “teacher heart” (and mind) that what you are planning is going to end up leaving some of your slower-learning kinders wondering what just passed “over their heads.” 

Well… I have some GREAT news for ya!  Yep!  I’ve found a way to teach ALL of your kinders rock solid skills…in a way that will be appropriate for learners of all levels!  (Give me a “Woot! Woot!)

Okay… Okay… It wasn’t actually ME who so brilliantly found the answer to our instructional dilemma… It was one of my FAV-O-RITE blogging buddies… Mrs. DeeDee Wills!   Okay… Okay… It wasn’t exactly DeeDee who did the research, but I’m giving her the credit here because this beautiful blogger is the gal who initiated a WONDERFUL on-line, blogging BOOK STUDY!  Deedee has invited me…and YOU.. to join kinder-teachers around the world in a summer study on Katie Wood Ray’s incredible book, In Pictures and In Words. 
               Join us!  Won’t you??

Click on the picture above to follow the link to DeeDee’s blog. Instructions for joining the book study can be found there! 

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