Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kindergarten Connections!

Well.. I am humbled as I am being warmly welcomed into the blogging community! I'm so excited to get rolling! As you may be able to tell from my blog title, one of the main goals of my blog will be to share GREAT resources with other kinder-teachers (PK, K, 1st, etc.). I'd like to begin meeting that goal by sharing some of my favorite kinder-teacher blog sites with you! I TRULY find blogging to be an incredible BLESSING to me, as an educator. I teach in a private school with only one class per grade level, and I find myself yearning to brainstorm and share ideas with teachers who are in the same "trenches" I am! Blogging makes this possible. :) It is so refreshing to have an unlimited wealth of resources at your literal fingertips! Please realize there are hundreds of amazing and talented teachers out there... and I can't list them all... So I will begin with a few of my FAVs! And MOST importantly... if you are visiting my blog and YOU have a great resource site, post it for us all to visit...because it's all about CONNECTIONS!

Can Do Kinders

Heather's heart

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  1. These are some of my favorites, too!! Just found your darling blog!!