Sunday, December 22, 2013

Minecraft -- Birthday Edition!

Well... my sweet baby, Colton, turns 9 this week.  Where, O, Where does the time go?  {Mental flashbacks of me going into labor during a snow storm and fearing giving birth on the highway! Lol} Apparently, my wishes of him staying tiny and squeezable just aren't going to come true... and he continues to grow up. * *Whimper...Whimper * *  

So.. I guess I have decided to help him celebrate in style, instead!   The baby-child has been begging me for the last 3 months to have a "home party."  Ya' see,  my twins have a summer birthday and I gotta' be honest... we've thrown some epic summer birthday parties (horse riding party, carnival party, jungle safari, etc.).  Now, I did throw a "Toy Story" party here at home for Colton when he was 4.  However, typically I just "talk" Colton into having his parties at other locations (like our local "Science Central" or other kid party spot).  {If you are a teacher, I know you understand.... I'm just wiped out from school program practices, class parties, and just Christmas chaos in general!?  Ugh! }  But this year, I knew I had to do it!  I had to host a "home party" for him!  Oh... Did I mention he HAD TO HAVE a Minecraft theme???  Well folks,  I DID IT!   And I kid you not.... I pulled this off in 24 hours of prep!  Woo-Hoo!  Oh, how a teacher has mad planning skills! 
Check. It. Out.  

First of all, an old friend from high school offered to make Colton's cake... and I snapped up that offer ASAP!  I had NEVER seen a cake that she had made.... and honestly had no idea she even baked!  But I knew I didn't have time to make a cake... so I said YES!  Can you believe it?!  It's INCREDIBLE!  Seriously!  She even personalized it with his nickname, "Bubba!"  People, if you live in Indiana... and want an epic cake... email me!  This little cake-making friend ROCKS... and is just opening her own business.  LOVE!  THIS! CAKE!  When I saw it, I almost decided to forget planning games.... so we could all just sit around the table and stare at the cake during the whole party!  LOL!   Ok... I guess 9 year old boys do need something else to do.  We carry on....

The party was from 1:00-3:00... so I didn't really NEED to serve a "meal," but I wanted to have some snack-y foods.  {After all, we were hosting ten 9 year old boys!}  So, here are a few peeks at our "Minecraft" snacks and "sippies."  All the snacks come directly from the game, with my "creative interpretation" on some, of course.


We came up with some neat Minecraft games too!  For the first game, we covered some square boxes, which I bought at Office Depot for a few bucks, with Minecraft wrapping paper.  (I just covered a few sides of the boxes to make the paper go farther.)  I taped Creeper faces onto upside-down green Solo cups.  Then we built a random structure to bow shoot the creepers off of.  <-- Yes, I did just end a sentence with "of" and I am a teacher.  BOO-YAH!

** Style Disclaimer:  YES!  The furniture is from 1999! {Check out that mad-plaid couch in the forefront! Woo-Wee!} This is  my basement, people.  I have small-ish children and plead the "waiting til they get older" excuse to buy new basement furniture! **

Next, we decided to "mine" for gems.  We filled a big tub with gravel and mixed in some of those fake colored gems.  Each kiddo had to find 2 dark blue (Lapis Lazuli ), 2 light blue gems (Diamond), 2 red gems (Redstone), and 2 green gems (Emeralds).  When they found the gems, they exchanged them for goodies.  {Light blue = Razzle candy *  Dark blue = giant blue gum balls  *  Green = green rock candy suckers  *  Red = red Pop Rock candy}

Then we moved on to the scavenger hunts.   In the real Minecraft game, you have to search for single items and then take your collection to the "crafting table" to "make/craft" another item/tool.   So, of course we did the same.  We had 3 mini scavenger hunts, each in a different room of our home.   When the kiddos found all of the items for hunt #1, they ran to the crafting table to exchange them for a sword.  Hunt #2 led to crafting a pick-axe.  Hunt #3 led to crafting a torch.  The boys LOVED it! 
My kiddos made these awesome pick-axes from those melt-able bead craft thingies!  {Kept them out of my hair while I was blowing up balloons too!}
Found the blow up torches at a local party supply store.  You can get swords at Dollar Tree, Michael's, and/or Hobby Lobby.

Finally, we ended with Minecraft Bingo.   It was great... and easy-peasy!  Simply check out the shop "MineCraftPartyIdeas" on   

Considering I pulled off the actual party prep in one Saturday, I'd say it was a success. 
{I DID order invitations on-line a few weeks prior.  Ebay has a great downloadable selection!}
Colton was SOOOO happy. 
One little dude who came said, "Mrs. Ehle, Is this Minecraft Heaven?"    Awww!  :)
I'd do ANYTHING for this little peanut. 
I love him with my whole heart!!! 
Happy Birthday, Colton! 
Hope your birthday was unforgettable!

** If you have any more questions about the details of the party (in case you are planning one yourself), just email me! 


  1. I don't know minecraft at all, but the party looks fun!!

  2. weren't kidding! The cake is AWESOME! Love the pictures from the party.

    A Rocky Top Teacher

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