Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ehle Family Christmas Picture!

Well... It's time for the BIG REVEAL!  
Ya' know that little "distraction" I spent an hour
working on last night?? 
Yes.. the one in my last post.
Well, here is the purpose behind the pandemonium....

 The 2013 Ehle Family Christmas Photo!
Oh... What I do to come up with a decent photo for our Christmas cards every year!?  LOL.  Yes... It's a pain to find time to take a photo.  No... I actually don't have time to address over 100 cards personally.  Yep!  I know that most people don't send "real" cards anymore.  But, gosh darn it!  I'm going to do it anyways!  Christmas is such an incredible holiday.  It is truly amazing to me to marvel at how much God loves us.  He sent His very own son to earth to die for us, so that we may live eternally in Heaven with Him!  Friends, if God is willing to do that..... If Jesus was willing to die on the cross for us.... I CERTAINLY can make time in my schedule to muster up some Christmas cards!   {And CHRISTmas cards they will be!  Not just "happy holidays"... I make sure every year that our family cards are also an opportunity to share the REAL reason for the season!  He loves us all, people!  Even if we don't love him back!}   I will be sure to post a copy of the completed cards when I get them all finished!   Until then... enjoy some "out-takes" and "bloopers" from the Ehle Family Christmas Card photo session!  
My "super" twins! {Lexi and Hunter}
My sweet baby, Colton.    **  My hubby {and high school sweetheart!}, Troy and me.

A classic PHOTO BOMB by our resident photographer, my nephew, Garrett!

Us, being "THAT" family.  {That's our secret nickname when we are publically being goofy.  We just know "others" are watching us saying things like, "Look at THAT family!"

A photo of the "good children."

A snapshot of the REAL children! :)


And finally.... EVERY time we take family photos, the twins request a "model shot." 
Notice them gazing off into the distance.......

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into the life of the Ehles today.  Now we are off to the G-rents for a belated Thanksgiving dinner!   C-Ya!


  1. What fun! I posted our family Christmas picture on my last post. It's from 2009! Ha! We haven't taken one since! Wonderful post! Your family is precious.