Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord!

Well... It's Sunday.  You know... the day that "Sunday Night Nervous Belly" usually strikes.  (I've called it that since I went through student teaching.  The "weight on your back" feeling of knowing you have to finish prepping for the instructional week ahead.) But, my dear sweet kinder-blogging friends, it is SUMMER! AHHH!   Don't you just LOVE summer break?  I do!   I love feeling a bit less stressed than usual... and often find my mind pondering multiple, un-related things all at one time.  Like a "Smorgasbord" -- A little bit of this... A dash of that... And a whole bunch of random.  So in celebration of "Sunday Smorgasbord" thinking (compliments of "Fab*u*lous in First") here are some of my random thoughts from today:

Random Thought #1
Only two weeks until I am in sunny Las Vegas with my bloggy friends... filling my brain with new kinder-info!  I'm getting ready to pre-print and bind my session handouts to take with me.  And look-y here!  That wonderful DeeDee Wills has created these (below) snappy little binder/packet covers so that we can all be organized...and classily-cute at the same time!  Click on the pic to get your free download!  (If you are going to Vegas sure to sign up for the "I Teach K" blogger meet-up.  See my post from last week!)
Just click on the image above to be linked to DeeDee's page.  
You can choose what format you would like to download there!

Random Thought #2
I love cute jewelry!!!  What gal doesn't, right?   The only thing that can be better than cute jewelry is INEXPENSIVE, cute jewelry!   Take a look at these super cuties I got this week!! (Pictures aren't the best...I just snapped them off with my iPhone quickly!)

Every set (necklace AND earrings come together) was $8 or less!!! Shut the front door, right?!  My super secret jewelry supplier can be found at   Girls, give me an OH YEAH!!!  (If anyone places an order, be sure to send me pics of your favorite finds!  They have purses too!!!)

What are your random thoughts for today?  
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  1. Love those necklaces. So sad I'm not going to Vegas this year. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I'll see you in Las Vegas at the blogger meet up! I'm excited too and this year I have two good buddies coming with me. I've gone by myself for the last two years. NOT FUN! Happy summer!