Saturday, July 21, 2012

Power Up!

Guess where I am today???   CHICAGO!  Yep, the "Windy City!"  I'm attending the "POWER UP!: Connecting Technology to Today's Learners" Conference hosted my SDE.  Gotta' say SDE (Staff Development for Educators) knows how to host a conference.  I went to the "I Teach K" national conference in Vegas last summer...and it was WONDERFUL!  I SOO wanted to go back this summer...but my next-door-teacher (who teaches 1st grade) was super excited to try some new things and had heard how much I loved the "I Teach K" conference and wanted to go to the "I Teach 1st" conference.  Soooo... I decided to go with her to Chicago because SDE was holding the "Power Up Tech" and "National Differentiated Instruction Conference" at the same time and location as the "I Teach 1st" Conference.  Whew!  ANY-WHO.... Here I am!  I had some GREAT sessions today! 

I just HAVE to share one of my highlights with ya'll!  :)   Lori Elliott.   My goodness, this super-cute southern gal is awesome.  You know, the kind of person that even though you just met her....she's like one of your best girlfriends..... who's REALLY smart!  Hee!  So here are a few "Have-To-Dos" for ya...

1. Check out the AWESOME resources that Lori shared with me today by visiting her site at   I mean it... if you are looking for some awesome new "techie" resources, websites, etc. .... you gotta check this out!!!

2. Consider grabbing one of her AWESOME...and oh so readable books. (Totally written in down-to-earth teacher talk!  Best techie books out there for teachers!!!)  This is what they (including Lori!) look like:
Books by Lori

3. Start saving your pennies TODAY...because I TOTALLY want to see you in Vegas at the "I Teach K" Conference in Vegas next year!!!  IT ROCKS!!!  (Plus... you'll get to meet Lori!  Hee!)

Better wrap this up!  Have a blessed weekend! 

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  1. I want to go to Vegas next year. Even though I teach 1st, I would still learn so much. I would love to meet you in Vegas though. =)

    BTW- There is a new blogger linky go on at 3rd Grade Found Me. You might want to check it out. =)

    Heather's Heart