Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving Right Along... Book Study Chapter 8

Hello Friends!  :)  Slowly, but surely I'm squeezing the minutes out of my busy summer "mommy" days to complete my book study of Katie Wood Ray's In Pictures and In Words.  I'm enjoying every page...and learning a lot!  I'm really beginning to develop a new "eye" (as Katie would say!) for how to more effectively teach my kinder-kiddos the art of compostition... in a way that addresses ALL of my students.  Teaching, using Katie's new perspective, will now be right on level for my "illustrating-writers"... and those who are actually prepared to write in words  AT THE SAME TIME!  If you are interested in learning how to teach using this parallel method.... check out this book!!!  

With that being said... I  have something else to add. (Moment of honesty here!)  As much as I'm loving the book and checking out all my FAV fellow kinder-teachers' comments and thoughts on the book via our on-line blogging book study....I will admit that the book study isn't my favorite topic to blog about.  I'm finding that the majority of my comments are very similiar to all the other kinder-peeps I'm book-blogging with.  I'm feeling a bit like I may be spinning my wheels with repeat comments.  While the book study is GREAT... I gotta admit, in regard to blogging, it's overwhelming my creative juices!  :)  Ya'll probably know that I just started my blog a few weeks ago... and am just getting my feet wet.  I'm so anxious to share so many other fun and creative thoughts and ideas...that I'm going to follow my gut here!  I will continue to share a few thoughts in my postings on the final chapters of the book study, but instead of re-stating the best ideas from each chapter... Starting with my next post, I am going to just post links to my other bookstudy blogging buds who already hit the nail on the head.   Thus... using achieving both of my goals!  YAY for flexibility and changing what needs to be changed mid-stream!   I know ya' get it...cause you are all teachers too, right!  Gotta love ya all!

Chapter 8 asks us to think about the precision and details we use in our writing and illustrations.  Follow this link over to one of the best of the best in the kinder-business....Kathleen's blog at "Growing Kinders" for thoughts and comments of our new chapter!!  Don't forget to visit Mrs. Will's blog too!  These gals are super smarties!!!  (Check out their TPT products too!  LOVE. THEM.  Sooo addicted to TPT:Teachers Pay Teachers!!!)  


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  1. I like this book. Do you have her other book? I would like to have a writing lessons book for K. Any suggestions?