Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Assessments Made Simple with ESGI

Teacher Friends...

If I could give pre-school and primary school teachers one piece of advice in regard to how to balance the teacher-life workload, I would tell every teacher to...
What is ESGI?
ESGI, which stands for Educational Software for Guiding Instruction, is an online program that automates 1-on-1 assessments. You choose an assessment from the extensive online test bank (or create your own!), assess your students using an iPad, computer or even your smartphone, and instantly have your student and class data organized in one place!  Select one of dozens of types of data reports, and print!   Instant progress reports, report cards, and student/class data reports!  It's literally that easy! 

Why should you use ESGI?

First of all, it will save you HUNDREDS of hours a year!  I mean it, teacher friends, HUNDREDS!  No more filing paper assessments, pulling out student binders, and laying out student papers all over your desk or floor!  The data is all in one place, and with one click, you have just about any student or class report  you could desire!

You are also able to effortlessly stay organized, your students will LOVE assessments now that they are invited to complete them on an iPad, computer or phone, and your administration and parents will love the information they receive from your reports!

But don't just take if from me! 
Check out how why other teachers love ESGI.....

Amazing, right?!  Well, just when you think it can't get any better...it does!  Did you know when you sign up for ESGI this fall, you also gain access to the "CMT" tool?  CMT stands for Classroom Management Tool.  CMT provides you with a variety of amazing teacher tools such as:

* A list and report generator for birthdays, awards, allergies, etc.

* A name-writing practice worksheet generator

* A Parent Teacher Conference scheduling tool

* A field trip organizational tool to help keep track of field trip payments and permission slips.

* Much, much more! 

Friends, they even have a phone app coming out soon that allows you to take pics on your phone, and they automatically sync to student portfolios, lists and/or assessments!  It's amazing!

Check it out!

If you want to know more about the ESGI Classroom Management Tool, check out all of the informational videos on ESGI's YouTube Channel!

ESGI has single-handedly saved me soooo much time in the classroom!   I truly and genuinely want to share it with the teacher-world!  If you are a primary teacher, it's absolutely a MUST-HAVE!  If you want to learn more, be sure to visit ESGI Software's Facebook page and check out their "videos!"

ESGI is a tool for which you purchase a yearly subscription...but if you use this link and use the code B7296, you can sign up and get a FREE 60 day trial...and if you decide to purchase it after you try it...you will receive $40 off automatically!

You will never regret "gaining" back hundreds of assessment hours so you can spend more time with your sweet families!  Trust me!

Have a great school year, my friends!


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