Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rolling Out the Red Carpet at the 2017 Teacher Blogger Retreat!

Every year at our Spring Teacher Blogger Retreat, after a day filled with connecting with other educators and filling our hearts and minds with the most inspiring professional development imaginable, we inject some pure fun into our retreat weekend in the form of a "Saturday Night Social Event!"
This year, our Saturday Night Social Event was all about rolling out the red carpet for the amazing educators in attendance...and making them feel like the celebrities that they are!
As teachers ourselves, the planning committee knows how many hours of over-time teachers spend doing all that they can to make each day's lessons special.  We know how much of your own money you spend equipping your classroom with everything it needs to make learning come alive. 
And to us... Well, that makes you a VIP worthy of celebrating!
Our goal was to provide those attending the full red carpet experience...and the help of a few amazing sponsors, we made it happen!
The theme for our evening event wasn't a hard one to come up with! We knew right away that the evening had to fit hand-in-hand with the objective of our retreat...spoiling (and thanking) educators who work so hard in the trenches everyday.  However, figuring out how to pull off a true red-carpet event was going to take some expertise and major support!
Without hesitation, ESGI stepped up with excitement to team with us to bring our dream to life!
And we (the planning committee) weren't surprised a bit!  ESGI is ever-present, year-round, supporting teachers as they seek to be the best they can be!  They have been long-standing, loyal supporters of our annual teacher-blogger events, and their true love for educators shows in everything they do! 
 I mean, after all.... If it wasn't for ESGI helping the entire planning team with assessments and report cards, saving us EACH over 400 hours a year (That's real people! Not an exaggeration!)... the planners would never have time to plan the Spring Teacher Blogger Event! LOL
Y'all... Just in case you haven't heard about ESGI and how it will totally change your "teacher-life"... let me enlighten you! 
ESGI is the simplest, easiest to use assessment platform for conducting one-on-one assessments for emergent and non-readers. They offer over 700 pre-made assessments from which you can choose and use, but you can also create your own!  It's easy-peasy!  Trust me!
Sound like something you can't live without?  (Answer YES now!!!)
Well, give it a try! Simply go to and enter the code: B7296
All teachers who register for a free trial account between now and April 10th using this code will receive an EXTENDED FREE TRIAL through August 31, 2017! That's right! FIVE MONTHS FREE for ALL teacher who have always WONDERED about ESGI but for some reason, have never tried it out! That's not all!  All teachers who register for an ESGI trail during this campaign will be entered to win a "Pot of Gold" mystery grand prize from ESGI.  (Announcement coming on April 11th, the day after the campaign has ended.)  ALL teachers who are NEW to ESGI are encouraged to sign up for a trial, and will qualify to purchase ESGI in the fall at the discounted price of $159.
** Reading this post after 4/10/17? No worries!  Enter the code (B7296),
and you are still eligible for a 60 day free ESGI trial! **
Teachers...once you use ESGI, you will NEVER go back!  It's a game-changer, my friends!
Don't just take it from me...ask any ESGI user, like these friends!
So.. as quick as a wink, with the help of ESGI, we built a "red carpet dream team" consisting of Chris Pombanyo (LIVE in the Classroom), Chase Mayo (professional videographer) and Kristen Black Sloan (ESGI) to work with us to make the red carpet event happen!
And.... WA-LA!  We made it happen!
Check out this crowd awaiting the celebrity LIVE stream!
Take a peek of some of the incredible LIVE stream clips created by Chris, Chase, Kristen and their gifted team....

And that was just a peek at the red carpet activities! 
There was SO much more fun to be had!
Take a peek at how attendees were welcomed to the TRUE red carpet fashion!
Yes!  We had actual paparazzi too!  So fun!
A HUGE shout-out is in order for ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY, as well!

We were so thankful for their generous sponsorship of our event décor!
As every teacher knows, Oriental Trading has EVERYTHING you need to flip your space, whether its a classroom or a ballroom, into the perfect environment for fun!

 Did I mention that we challenged the attendees to dress up like their favorite celebrities?  Take a look at a few of the famous look-alikes we had in attendance!!

And this dress....The unforgettable outfit that Bjork wore!
DeeDee Wills (Mrs. Wills Kindergarten) rocked it out...while I attempted my best red-carpet pose!  HA!
ELLEN showed up as well!
It wouldn't have been a red carpet night without this DENIM-atic Duo!
Hello Brtney and Justin!  (A.K.A. Hope and Wade King)
Everybody's favorite GoNoodle group showed up too!
Hey there, Koo-Koo Kangaroo!
And I just HAD to get my picture with this legend!
It's Britney....and Britney!  LOL
Hey!  It's Meighan and Elliott from Teacher Pay Teachers!
We LOVE how TPT seeks to be apart of the teacher community!
Thanks for your constant support of educators!
We even had some SUPER heroes attend!
Do you recognize the TROLLS?   
Now that's creativity!
And...Willie?!  Willie, is that you?!
"Willie Nelson" was the winner of the Star-Studded Red Carpet Scavenger Hunt!
She won her very own HUE HD Doc Cam! 

Thanks HUE for supporting teachers and helping to sponsor our
2017 Spring Teacher Blogger Retreat!

The evening was also filled with some fantastic music and dancing!

And our "Red Carpet Event" would not have been complete without an awards show of our own!  
Nominations for several categories were taken early in the evening, then using the Kahoot app, attendees voted to select winners in each category! It was a blast!  

Winners went home with framed certificates and of course, their own Oscar-like trophy!

GoNoodle generously sponsored an amazing professional photo booth for the event!
Leave it to GoNoodle to find a way to record the amazing memories and fun of the night!

GoNoodle, We LOVE you!!!
Oh my goodness!  It was quite a night! 
If you were not able to join us this year, be sure and mark your calendars for next year's event!
You will NOT want to miss what we have planned!
And...Until next year.... That's a wrap my friends! 


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  1. This was such a fun event - thanks again for all of your hard work, Holly and crew!! Hugs!