Sunday, April 10, 2016

Oviparous Animal Research Reports

It's spring!  
{At least that's what they tell me!  Here in Indiana, we've still had snow covered lawns for the past several days! UGH!}

It's the time of year when many kinder-teachers begin their study of oviparous (egg-laying) animals.  I've had many teachers requesting more information about my TPT oviparous animal research project unit during the last week, so I thought that I would do a quick post about it!

Completing research reports on oviparous animals is one of my kiddos' favorite parts of our unit!

The BEST that it is simple for you to prepare....
yet yields powerful results!

Here's how it worked in my classroom last year...

After spending a week reading books and watching video clips about oviparous animals, we began our oviparous animal research projects.  Sound dull?  Well... it was NOT!  It truly was a blast!  

To introduce the project, I knew I needed a fun and engaging "hook," so I filled several dozen plastic (Easter-type) eggs with pictures of a wide variety of oviparous animals.   I took them outside during a short break and hid them around the playground.  I explained that we were going to start an awesome new research project, and that each child would be assigned a specific oviparous animal which to study.   In order to find out which animal they would be assigned, they had to go on an egg hunt....find an egg, open it...and see what type of animal was inside!  The animal inside their egg would be their assigned research animal.
Above are a few pics of from our "hunt!"

The kids had a blast and were SO excited to get started on their research!  
I knew I was "on to something" that other teachers might like to try with their classes, so at that moment I decided to make a TPT unit on this research project. {More info about that in a bit!}

Being straight up honest, it was quite a pain to look up pics for that many oviparous animals and copy and paste pics from the 'net.  The pics you see above are from my "original" attempt at the egg hunt. What I ended up creating resulted in being much better... and much more visually appealing! LOL

Next, when we went inside,  I recorded the animals that each kiddo found during the hunt and wrote them on research project send-home packets that I created.  

The cover page of the packet explains what the project is all about (to parents) and gives the directions for kiddos to complete some VERY simple research at home...which they will then return to school.  When the research is returned, we complete the research projects in class.  

Here are a few peeks at this project in action....

(Kindergartner working on project)

(Middle school student completing project)

Here are some of my kinders' finished projects...

Here are a few middle school student projects...

If you teach about oviparous animals in your class and want to know more about this project, you check it out by clicking on the image below! 

Grab this simple-to-prep, yet powerful resource and begin your research project tomorrow!


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