Saturday, September 13, 2014

It was a Patriotic Week!

It was a PATRIOTIC week, my friends!

Last weekend I posted some great resources for honoring 9/11 and celebrating this great country in which we live. {Click HERE to see that post and all of the “planning” details.}  I had a few requests to post some pictures of how things turned out…. So here ya’ go!

{A few pics of our decor.}

Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam (me!)
I know you LOVE my pants! LOL

HUGE shout out to my friend, Deanna Jump, for sharing so many of her GREAT patriotic ideas with me!   Check out some of them in the pics below!!

Want more details??  Click HERE to see her AMERICA unit.

 Some pics from our directed drawing activity.  

Check out some of my kinder-kiddos creations!   
Seriously, INCREDIBLE!!!

Next came our science experiment!   Why is the Statue of Liberty green you ask?   It IS made of copper, after all.   Check out the AMERICA unit link at the end of this post for experiment details!

{It MAY have been a little stinky!}

Just how BIG is Lady Liberty??   I made a visual of exactly how LONG her foot is.  We made predictions on it's length before we saw and measured it.   Can you believe that 25 kinder-kiddos and one teacher EXACTLY equal the length of the statue's foot?!   

 {I just LOVED painting those toenails green!}

We also wrote letters to our local police officers and firefighters, thanking them for their service.  
We are so blessed to have brave men and women who are willing to risk their lives to protect us.

Thank you, Erica Bohrer, for these awesome templates!

We had a great week!  
I feel felt especially blessed this week to be teaching in a Christian school where I could specifically teach my students that God seeks to bring good things from even the worst situations.  

9/11 was a terrible tragedy...
But from it we learned what TRUE HEROES really are.
We came together as communities...and as a nation.
We were reminded to appreciate our freedoms and cherish our loved ones.

May God bless America.

Remember to check out Deanna's unit!  It's a MUST HAVE for your patriotic studies!!!

America Math and Literacy Fun

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  1. You are adorable!! The kiddos must love being in your class.