Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dog Days of Summer $1 SALE!

Dog Days of Summer?     

Wahoo! Indiana Teacher Bloggers are at it again! We're bringing you some relief from the
Dog Days of Summer

with a DOLLAR SALE!!

Check it out...
there are tons of terrific deals here, people!
This sale ends Sunday night, so grab them now!

These are the products of mine that you will find on sale
…for just $1

One of my BEST SELLERS!   It’s my “Number Identification/Reversal Investigations” pack!

If you have students who reverse or confuse their numbers…this little packet will help you solve those confusions!
(I have a Letter Reversal pack in my store too, in case you need it!)

 Check this one out for an awesome “birthday book” resource for celebrating student birthdays!

And don’t forget to grab my "Subtraction Smiles" activity!

My Ten Frame Fun mini-pack is just $1 too!

Now GO!  Go check out all of the other $1 sale products…and LINK UP to add your own!

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