Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Best for the Best!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, my blogging friends!

I'm linking up with my dear friend Amy, from Teaching in Blue Jeans, to bring you the opportunity to win some INCREDIBLE goodies in honor of this special week!   Many, Many of your favorite bloggers have joined in the fun too!   We are offering up our BEST selling TPT items in a giant give-away to give you {the hardest workers on the planet!} the BEST of the BEST, in terms of TPT resources!  

Check out my "BEST SELLER" below and see how I use it in my classroom.... then follow the hop-link at the bottom of this post to see more "BESTIES" and enter to win a HUGE prize pack for yourself! {Over 55 of THE BEST SELLING K-2 teacher resources on TPT!}

Do you have kiddos who confuse visually similar letters?  You know, the kiddos that say “b” for “d”…. or “u” for “n.”   Well, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve taken some of my ‘reading specialist’ knowledge and whipped up a little packet that will help those students work out their letter confusions!  

Here’s the science behind WHY the resources in this packet WILL work…

...And the best part is that I have created this packet to be prep-free!  Just print and go!   Included in this packet are suggestions on how to use these resources in your whole group, small group, or individualized instruction.   Oh...And I have provided a simple RTI documentation form for your use too!  Check it out by clicking HERE or on the packet pic at the top of this post!  Hope someone out there can find this helpful!   This method has never failed me!  It's a simple, easy way to strengthen your kiddos visual discrimination skills and teach them "how to" attend to the visual details which they need in order to work out their letter confusions!

OH!  And I have another packet to work out NUMBER REVERSALS and CONFUSIONS!   {Now what kinder-teacher couldn't use that too?!}
Check that one out HERE.

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Enter to win this... and MUCH, MUCH more!

Now keep on hoppin'! Click on the link below to visit the next blogger in the hop and see what her "BEST of the BEST" offers you! 

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