Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's THROW-BACK-THURSDAY... Penguin Style!

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Our freezing cold temperatures have been the perfect backdrop for all of our polar animal studies these past few weeks... 
So I thought, why not "re-share" some of my polar penguin resources!

So here ya' go.... "Flashin' back" to last year's penguin post.....  GO!
Happy Friday!  Boy, do I mean that! 
This week seemed incredibly L----O----N----G.   On top of little kinder-cherubs were unsusually "spirited" today.  (I'm sure you know what I mean!)  I'm telling you... I came home, sat down for "a second" (which I sincerely RARELY do).... and 15 minutes later found myself WAKING UP to a ringing phone!  Ugh!  I am one tired bunny tonight!  However, before I hit the sack... I wanted to take a minute to share some of today's "Fun Friday" events with you!   Today's "Fun Friday" theme was PENGUINS.   Gotta love those waddle-y little guys! 

If you do a penguin themed study in your classroom, you HAVE to show this little video to your kiddos.  It's CHOCK-FULL of great information about penguins.  Super engaging for little ones... and incredibly cute!  (Oh and it's only a few minutes long so it holds their attention well!) 

Also... I needed a "math enrichment" activity so I whipped up this little gem.   If you think you may be able to use this in your classroom, check out the preview.  It's a peek at the full file.  

Click on the image to go to my TPT store!

I began the afternoon with a "schema" chart.   I made a chart on a large piece of chart paper.  (Yep!  I forgot to take a picture of I re-created it with a drawing below.) 

1. We charted what we already knew.... "Schema."   We discussed how it's fun to use fancy-grown up words sometimes since we are SO smart!   We wrote our schema ideas on post-it notes.  (You will see why in a moment!)

2. We read a non-fiction, fact filled penguin book.

3. We watched the penguin video from by post below.  (It's a GREAT one!)

4.  We charted "NEW LEARNING" and moved any post-it notes with incorrect facts to the "OOPS!" or "Misconception" area.

5.  We made these SUPER-CUTE and EASY-PEASY penguins in a step by step format.  Gotta love how they all have their own "personalities!"  (We ONLY made the penguins themselves on Friday.   On Tuesday during Writer's Workshop we will re-read our schema-chart and write our own non-fiction stories.   This picture is from last year so you can see the finished project!)  This writing idea came from the wonderfully talented Deanna Jump originally!  I changed it a bit...but if you are looking for additional penguin activities, check out her TPT store!


6. After our penguin art activity, we had a penguin snack!  Yum!   We made OCEAN ICEBERG FLOATS (blue Hawaiian Punch with scoops of vanilla ice cream) and Goldfish crackers.   Did I mention that we put the Goldfish crackers on a napkin and the kiddos had to eat them like penguins....with no hands or fingers!   Take a peek!

7. We ended the afternoon with a Penguin Egg Relay Race!   We plopped a penguin egg on our feet and did a relay race in the gym.  The kiddos had to pass the egg to their teammates. It didn't take long for the kiddos to realize what a tough job it is to be a penguin parent!

That was it for our "Fun Friday!"    Do you do a penguin unit??   If so, please leave a comment and share what YOU do!  Sharing ideas is the BEST!!!


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