Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

Well... It's New Year's Day.  Yep!  The time of year to think about goal setting.  I'm linking up with "A Peach for the Teach" to put my teaching-related resolutions in writing!  Here they are...

As most of you know, I attended the Nashville Blogger Meet-Up last week.  It was AMAZING!  It was so much fun to personally meet so many new bloggers, chat about best practices, and EAT! EAT!  EAT!  {Nashville has some yummy restaurants... and I've got 3 new pounds to prove it! LOL!}  Breakfast at Monell's prompted an "I gotta get in shape" discussion between Greg (Kindergarten Smorgasboard) and me.  Since we both will be going to Vegas this summer for the "I Teach K" conference, we committed to try our hardest to get in the best shape of our lives.  Well, as just a little "back story" on me... I've always been a somewhat "petite" person.  Not very tall... and a decent weight, I guess.  But, I gotta admit...this last year I have seen some body/aging changes that I don't like!  UGH! I'm TIRED, people!  And, my body aches in the morning!  What is up with that?!  I've never needed more than a 4 hours of sleep before... and could pretty much sleep ANYWHERE without a problem.  NOT. ANY. MORE.  Well, this girl has decided she is NOT going to sit on the couch and expand quietly.  :)  I'm going to GET FIT!  My main goal is to FEEL better... but looking acceptable in my Vegas swimsuit is an incentive also! LOL! 

I know myself though... and I need some accountability partners on this one! And, it just-so-happens that as we were FB messaging back and forth about this, several of our blogging buddies asked to join in.  One of our Nashville blogging buds, Kristine Harrison, offered to be our "coach."   Yep!  We officially have a fearless leader!  Thank-the-Lord!  :)  Now let me tell ya just a little bit about Kristine.  First off, she is HILARIOUS!  I mean it.  I could not stop laughing the whole time we were at lunch in Nashville.  This girl is soooo funny and upbeat.   She's a kindergarten teacher...but also a wife and momma of 3 energetic young boys, so she "GETS" what a crazy busy life is really like.  She knows her fitness "stuff" too!  She is an official BEACHBODY coach.  (BEACHBODY is the company that makes the best-selling fitness programs in the world including the P90X series, Insanity, and T25.)  I have no doubt that Kristine will be the kick-in-the-butt I need when I feel lazy, the great encourager when I feel worthless, AND the party animal who leads the Vegas celebration of achieving our goals!!!   

So... How about you?   Are you in?  Do you want to join our little fitness movement??  We have created our own private FB page where we can post our goals, progress and encouragement.  (Oh.. and make our Vegas plans too!)  If you would like to join our "club" just post a comment below with your info and I will fill you in with the deets!  If you want more details/suggestions, or have questions about how to find a good workout program... you can chat with Kristine by finding her on FaceBook (Kristine Nerstad Harrison) or by visiting this link:

We are still debating on our fitness team "name".... but here is one of our best options so far:

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you have some great resolutions in mind for 2014... and I hope that you achieve every one of them! "Link-Up" and post your resolutions by clicking on my resolution pic at the top of the page. Blessings!


  1. I am so pumped to get our fitness group going for support. I am trying to get my blog that I created in 8/11 started up too lol. Lots of excitement for the new year!!

  2. Great goals!!! I always start out with a fitness goal and then I don't follow through. Hoping that I stick with it and make a lifestyle change in 2014. Good luck to you!!

  3. Hi there! Thanks so much for linking up with my resolution linky! Love your resolutions! The fit club and your logo is SO cute! I would love to join! I'm kick starting my fitness goals this week! Happy New Year!

  4. I am might be interested in joining the fitness group. Is it a beach body group or just a fitness group?

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  5. Our Facebook group (#teacherfit) is totally just a fitness group. You can do any program or plan you want! We just want to encourage each other! Also... we want to have a celebratory meet-up in Vegas during the SDE summer conferences for anyone who can go! We figure that will be a great incentive!!! :)

    1. Whoo Hooo. Sounds great. Sign me up! I sent you an email with my fb email

  6. How can I find you're group on facebook? Im super private so I don't think you can find me there.
    Kristin Vandro

  7. What a great idea! I love the name of the group and slogan! I want in!
    :) Dana
    Common to the Core

  8. I would love to get more information about joining in too!!

    Debbie :-)