Saturday, April 13, 2013

Like... Totally Awesome!

Kind of a random post here today.... But I had to share it with you all!  If you are like me, you not only love great teaching ideas....but you love getting to know more of the "WHO" behind the blogger!  So here is a little social-life snapshot!   Last night one of  my best friends hosted an...
80's Murder Mystery Party!!!

This is a picture my daughter took of my husband Troy (playing Mork from Ork character) and me (Teen Pop Star, Debbie Gibson).  It's amazing how BIG I could still make my hair!  Look at those curled under bangs... and the fur coat with massive shoulder pads! RADICAL!
It was sooooo much fun!   I was cast in the role of make believe 80's pop teen star, Debbie "Gribson."  (Sound familiar? Debbie Gibson)  Other guests included slightly altered versions of Paula Abduel, Jessica Rabbit, PeeWee Herman, Madonna, Ozzy Ozborn, Toni Basil, Scott Howard (Teen Wolf)... and many more.  It was a BLAST!  It was a night of clue collecting, mayhem, dance-offs, trivia challenges, and more.   If you have never hosted or attended one of these's a MUST DO! 

Pic of me and "Cindy Lauper"...notice "The Karate Kid" in the background!  

The party kits can be purchased online for about $30 (you pick the theme!).   The digital downloadable kits provide the agenda, cast lists, clue kits, etc! (There are several sites who offer these party kits, but we happened to use one found on
 My own children got SO excited about watching "mom" and "dad" dress up in costume and then re-tell how fun it was that guess what I'm doing tonight??
Yep!  Hosting a children's "Millionaire's Mansion Mystery Party" for my kids, their cousins, and some of their best friends! (See It's spur of the moment....but isn't that what life is about!  Squeezin' out the fun!
The night was... LIKE...  TOTALLY RAD! 

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